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01.06.2020 12:00
Vacation cancelled peace we cannot even dream of
The last session of negotiations on Breaksit will lead to a strong pound, the expectation of the OPEC decision can give a wave of oil growth followed by a deep correction, the ECB and the fed may announce additional monetary incentives. Alas, the story, according to which in summer the markets are d... Read more
25.05.2020 12:00
Rational fear saves from failure
Big players disoriented by cheap liquidity and massive promises of ultra-soft monetary policies. The US and European Union economies are shrinking synchronously and it is impossible to predict which one will end up losing more. The low-optimistic reports on creation of the coronavirus vaccine, the e... Read more
18.05.2020 12:35
Remove the masks: the virus is not the main thing!
Risk of a second wave of the pandemic and the escalation of US-China trade conflict have returned investor interest in the dollar. As soon as the S&P500 decisively went down, the currencies lost strong support and remembered their problems. So … China Asia is gradually becoming a pre-election... Read more
11.05.2020 12:08
World during the plague: scary, but stable
Although markets continue to ignore almost the entire macroeconomic and fundamental background, the topic of COVID-19 remains important but is gradually losing focus. Panic is giving way to prudent action in the health sector and the development of a vaccine that needs to be launched at least in exp... Read more
04.05.2020 12:07
Virus is losing credibility: world is ready to cancel quarantine
The first vaccine for coronavirus should be expected no earlier than autumn, and this is still an extremely optimistic scenario, more realistic terms − in 12-18 months. If you keep «world closed» for another six months, then there will be nothing to restore later. Most countries consider operational... Read more